Fueling Your Inner Geek ALL in ONE BOX! 


EsianMall was founded in late 2015. It focuses on healthy appetizing snacks and beauty products for geek gamers, cosplayers, comic book nerds to enjoy. EsianMall is a monthly subscription box service that offers gamers, geeks, anime fans, and cosplayers top snacks and cosmetics.EsianMall™ supplies its subscribers with a monthly surprise box containing the best snack and beauty products featured from different parts of Asia and other countries. Each month contains different product lines with a bonus item such as apparel, figurines, or accessories inspired by comic books, movies, iconic and popular characters, anime, and trending events that fans will love.EsianMall™ wants to bridge the world of game, anime and snacks, optimizing customers gaming experience, and ultimately bringing the comic con community to together to share their inner geek. It’s also a good opportunity for subscribers to broaden their horizons on Asians snacks.