KOJI No.82 Safety Scissors 1pc

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Brand: KOJI

Origin: Japan

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Product Description

KOJI scissors has the unique stretch handles to fit fingers comfortably. The Safety scissors have round-tip curved blades to cut eyebrows smoothly and safely. The scissors come with a portable safety sack. The blades are made with durable stainless steel.

[Product details] 
"No.82 safety sizes (1 PCs)", you can safely cut the eyebrows with rounded edge stainless steel resistant to corrosion, with curves. Stretch the handle according to the size of the fingers spread out from easy-to-grip. CAP is also useful for mochi

[How to use] 
-Skin color with curves of the cutting edge, cut off the extra eyebrows. 
* You can cut from drawing the shape of the eyebrow, eyebrow pencil and set up beautifully. 

After washing your face and use clean your skin after bathing. 
-Maintain sharpness, after using tissue paper and other dry dirt well wipe. 
-Please note may be tiring stretch handles to enlarge the force. 
• When you use your eyes and your skin to avoid damaging the note. 
-Placement of the CAP after every use, and keep it. 
• Keep out of children's reach. 
• Do not use the device for purposes other than purposes. 

Additional Information

Short Description
Brand: KOJI
Origin: Japan
Weight (lb) 0.0100
Country of Manufacture Japan
Price $7.99
Special Price No
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

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