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Jet Membership Terms

Last update posted: July 21, 2015

Jet is excited that you are now a Jet Member! And, here are the Jet Membership Terms.

These Jet Membership Terms are part of the Jet Terms of Use. (Please click on and read the Jet Terms of Use, they contain important legal information about your membership terms, and you are bound both by these Jet Membership Terms and the Jet Terms of Use.)


Jet Membership



  • You must be a Jet Member to make purchases on our Jet Sites.
  • Each Jet Membership is personal to that Jet Member and limited to use by you and your household.
  • You may not purchase items for resale or rental. You may purchase items for personal use, and you may also purchase items for your business, like office supplies, but not for commercial resale.



Membership Fees



  • The Jet membership fee is paid in advance for your membership term. Taxes may apply on the Jet membership fee.
  • We may offer free memberships that are valid for some period of time (or for some number of purchases) (“Trial Membership”). If you have a Trial Membership, the term begins when you complete your first purchase, except where the trial offer specifies otherwise. After your Trial Membership expires or terminates, you will then be asked to pay for your membership to continue shopping on Jet.
  • You cannot combine Trial Memberships - without Jet’s express written consent. So, if you have a 3 month Trial Membership, then you can’t use another 3 month Trial Membership (unless that Trial Membership explicitly says that you can). .
  • If you are a Jet Insider or Jet Beta user, your initial Trial Membership period will reset as of Jet’s launch date of July 21, 2015, and your new Trial Membership will begin on July 21, 2015 with the same duration as your initial Trail Membership period.
  • Jet Insider codes for an initial trial period will expire if not used prior to December 31, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST



Membership Savings Guarantee / Your Ability to Terminate Your Membership



  • We hope you never want to stop being a Jet Member. But, you may cancel your membership any time by following the instructions indicated on the Your Account page.
  • Membership Savings Guarantee. If you cancel your paid annual membership and you have not realized savings on Jet greater than the annual membership fee you paid for during your current membership period, we will refund you the difference. To do so, follow the instructions on the Your Account page.
  • Other details about this savings guarantee:
    • For purposes of calculating the guarantee amount, savings on Jet are the savings amounts listed under order history in your account on
    • JetCash shall be considered savings when used to purchase on Jet Sites.
    • This guarantee applies only to memberships where you have paid the membership fee. The portion of membership fees paid in JetCash or credits are non-refundable.
    • The refund shall be provided via your original form of payment (for example, if you paid for your Jet membership with a credit card, Jet will refund that same credit card).
  • Also, if you cancel a paid membership within 3 business days of signing up for it, or within 3 business days of converting from a free trial to a paid membership, we will refund your full membership fee, provided that you haven’t yet placed an order on Jet or otherwise used your paid membership.
  • Membership fees are otherwise nonrefundable.



Membership Renewals



  • A trial membership will not be automatically enrolled into a paid Jet membership. A paid annual membership will automatically renew for another year, unless you opt out of renewal or cancel your membership prior to that renewal date. Upon renewal, you authorize us to charge the membership rate (and any applicable taxes) in effect at the time of renewal to any payment card that we then have on file for you.


Termination by Jet

Jet reserves the right to terminate your Jet membership and close your account at any time in our sole discretion, without advance notice. If we do, you are generally eligible for the membership savings guarantee described above. However, for the administrative burden of terminating your membership, Jet will not give any refund for termination related to conduct that we determine, in our discretion, violates our Terms of Use. Please see the Jet Terms of Use for more information.



  • Credits expire 6 months after a membership lapses or if no membership exists, 6 months after a Credit is awarded. Please see the Jet Anywhere Terms for more information about JetCash.