ROSETTE Cleansing Paste Muddy Sea Smooth 120g

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Brand: Rosette

Origin: Japan

Size: 120g

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Product Description


Clean pores and smooth skin! Facial cleansing foam formulated with plant extracts and mineral rich ocean mud. Just as the meaning of "Pasta" is "powder kneaded into pasta", Rosette Cleansing Pasta Muddy Sea Smooth is fine ocean mud powder incorporated into this facial cleanser to form thick rich lather to absorb dirt and sebum to be rinsed away for supple skin that is smooth as porcelain. 

Sea mud to clean pores. Ancient and natural, Sea mud will absorb dead skin and dirt and sebum from pores. 
Soothes and smoothes skin with plant derived ingredients gentle on skin. 
Rose and fruit essence works to tighten and lift skin. 
Fragrance Free 
Color Free 
Mineral oil Free

Do not use if you have cuts or rash. If you notice irritation or other skin problems using this product, discontinue use stop immediately and consult a doctor. Symptom may worsen with continued use. Do not store in extremely high or low temperatures or in direct sunlight. Rinse immediately if product gets into eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


Squeeze a pea size amount of Cleansing Pasta onto palm of hand and lather with water. Massage gently to wash face and rinse well.

Additional Information

Short Description
Brand: Rosette
Origin: Japan
Size: 120g
Weight (lb) 0.1200
Country of Manufacture Japan
Price $9.99
Special Price No
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

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